MAS COVID-19 Safety Policies & Procedures

Note: This page will be updated as new information or changes in policy come to pass. (updated: 07-01-20)

We are very happy to announce that MAS will be re-opening in Manchester & Nashua on Monday, July 6th

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(We will not be taking appointments for folks who are new to MAS, just yet. We anticipate being able to accommodate new patients by early August.)

Yes, this information is admittedly a bit dry, but certainly important. Before returning to MAS for your first treatment back, please be prepared for the changes to policies and procedures detailed below. We’re following the CDC & NH State guidelines, so our clinics are going to look a little different the next time you come in. We appreciate everyone being on the same page. You will have to have a mask on in order to enter the clinic - and please do your very best to keep your hands washed/sanitized and away from your face once inside. 

We'd also like to acknowledge that some of the changes detailed below may not be welcome or accessible to everyone. One of the many reasons we love community acupuncture is because of how flexible and accepting the model fundamentally is. We have been able to serve the community over the past 13 years without having to play a large role in telling people what they should or should not do. If for whatever reason, these new policies or procedures hinder your ability to receive treatment from us, we are really sorry and we hope that the time comes soon when you are able to rest with us again.

Here’s an overview of what you can expect. More details are available further down the page.

We are thoroughly committed

We'll be starting off with more limited schedules while April, Elizabeth and Andy will be treating:




What's Changing?

For the purposes of keeping adequate distance between people entering and exiting the clinics, we ask for you to please be at the clinic entrance within two minutes of your appointment time only. If you are at the entrance earlier, please expect to wait. If you are late, we will likely not be able to fit you in. Missed appointments are responsible for a $10 fee. Just outside the front door, you’ll see a sign asking you to sanitize your hands with a touchless dispenser. Please oblige. Once we meet you out front, we'll have you take part in a pre-screening series of questions and a temperature check. We'll then open the door for you and welcome you inside. When you enter the clinic, please have your mask on. Once inside we'll talk a bit, collect payment if you haven't already pre-paid and schedule future visits if you'd like to do so.

From here, you'll make your way into the treatment room. Make yourself at home here as you normally would have pre-COVID. Take note of the arrows on the floor directing movement around the treatment room. You'll see about half of the recliners have been taken out of rotation. You’re welcome to choose any recliner that isn't facing the wall. There'll be a fresh sheet over your recliner of choice. You’re also welcome to bring your own clean sheet and blanket from home. In order to limit our in-house laundry, we'd very much appreciate for you to bring in your own clean blanket to cover up with during treatment, if you are able.

For now, we’re limiting everyone’s rest time to one hour. 

To minimize everyone’s contact with high-touch surfaces, water will be available by request, the bathroom for urgency & emergency situations only.

Likewise, weather permitting we’ll be leaving our treatment room doors open as often as possible. This means our treatment rooms might be a little noisier than usual, so feel free to bring earplugs or headphones from home.

Please leave everything you do not need for your appointment in your car or at home.

Please assess your personal risk level when considering making an appointment. While we are doing everything we can to ensure your safety, it is important to be cautious during this time especially if you fit the CDC's at-risk criteria.

How We're Keeping Us All Safe

MAS staff are conducting daily staff-screenings and temperature checks, complying with recommended social-distancing guidelines and will wash/disinfect their hands between all patients and after touching all surfaces. All of your acupuncturists are following the guidelines of public health officials in their personal lives, as well.

  • Anyone entering the clinic will be required to wear a mask, including all staff and patients. If you don’t have a mask, we'll have one available for you at $5 cost.
  • We’re cleaning and sanitizing our facilities on an ongoing basis, following the latest CDC guidelines to do so.
  • We’ve closed the waiting room and spread out treatment room recliners to ensure adequate physical-distancing of at least six feet, often much more.
  • We will be disinfecting the recliners after each use. It takes 5-10 minutes for the disinfectant to dry. If you see a recliner that's without a sheet, but vinyl-covered with a print of white stars, it's not dry just yet. Pick a different chair.
  • We’re following the latest recommendations from public health and infectious disease experts. Our policies may change as new information emerges. Know we are committed to providing the safest environment possible for our patients and staff.  MAS is a home away from home for all of us, we wouldn't want it any other way.
  • Lastly, we've invested in new technology as part of the heating/cooling systems (HVAC) that aims to eliminate bacterial or viral presence in the air moving through the ductwork. This in addition to the five (!) large HEPA air-purifiers that are always on in each location and maintained regularly.
  • We feel confident in these steps – new and long-standing – to maintain a safer space for us all.

How You Can Help

For the time being, we expect to be providing only a fraction of the treatments we’d normally be able to provide. You can help keep the organization moving ahead and our prices low with a few small steps:

  • Please pay with cash (exact change, we will not have change to offer) or check, if possible. We’ll have a payment box near the front desk where you can drop your cash or check into for contactless payments.  Credit cards will work, as well.
  • In addition, we are participating in Paypal QR Code program so payments to MAS can be made on your smartphone. If you have a PayPal account, download the app on your smartphone and sign in. Press 'scan'. Hold your phone up to the MAS QR codeIt's a lot like taking a picture with your camera. Enter the amount you'd like to pay and hit 'send'. That's it. You'll get confirmation of payment in the app.
    Alternately, use this address to pay MAS at any time:

  • Please limit your time in the lobby for check-in and payment only. We’re not welcoming non-patients to wait in our lobby or treatment room.
  • Please arrive on time (within 2 minutes) for your appointment and let us know with at least 12 hours in advance if you need to reschedule.
  • Please be patient with us and understand that we’ll be working with a smaller number of staff for a while. If you call during clinic hours, we'll be able to answer your call. During off-hours we might not be able to get back to you right away. Do trust your call will be returned as soon as possible - but not always from a recognizable number, as we may be calling from outside of clinic.
  • The quickest and easiest way to schedule an appointment is always online at 

  • MAS depends on higher-volume to keep our prices low. We will be evaluating the financial impact of these COVID-related policy changes. To stay afloat over the next handful of months with this new-for-now normal, we would appreciate your help. If you are in the position to pay a bit higher on the sliding-scale for your treatments or able to offer a tax-deductible donation to the organization, MAS would greatly appreciate and benefit from your doing so.

The following document contains the pre-screening questions you'll be asked at each visit for the foreseeable future.
It'll help to know your answers before presenting yourself for your treatment.  We'll have a copy posted at the front entrance at each clinic, as well.

This document also includes a consent-to-treat with COVID19 in mind and a clear statement of the mask policy.
You'll be asked to sign a copy of this document at your first visit back to MAS. 

Consent covid


We know this is a lot of change. As you're likely aware, COVID-19 is changing the way many households and businesses operate, all the while disproportionately impacting the most marginalized and vulnerable among us. We can’t know what the future will look like, but MAS is committed to meeting this moment armed with reliable information and with flexibility and compassion. If there was ever a time for a low-cost, drug-free approach for increasing resiliency, reducing high-stress, anxiety and insomnia, the time is now.  We're grateful to be present with you.  Community acupuncture is such a valuable resource for helping to collectively process this all. At the same time, we know MAS isn't going to be able to operate quite in the same way as we have in the past. Not yet anyway.

We hope MAS can continue to be a source of recovery, relief and adaptation for you and for our community. We hope that these strange weeks and heightened isolation brings a renewed appreciation of the power of community and working together.  It certainly has for us.

Thank you so much for your understanding and patience as we enter this new-for-now normal. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

The MAS Staff & Board




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In order to book your first visit to MAS, please call us in either Manchester or Nashua,
so we can set you up with the necessary information.

Manchester  - (603) 669-0808
Nashua         - (603) 579-0320

As we're open in Manchester everyday (365 days/year!), and 5 days/week in Nashua at this time, keep in mind we can book your appointment for either location from either location. So if, for example, you don't reach us in Nashua (on say a Sunday when the clinic is closed) call over to Manchester during our working hours and we'll get you set up no problem.

Existing patients who never received an email from MAS with your temporary password, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let us know if you'd like to use the online scheduler, and we will set you up with a password to make this happen.  

For existing patients using the online scheduler, please know your email address is your unique username in our scheduling system – it's tied to your account and appointment history.  If you'd like to change the email address you use for online scheduling,This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll get that set up for you, no problem.  Please don't re-register a second time.

Returning patients, click here to link to the MAS Online Scheduler.

About Walk-Ins

Pre-pandemic, we loved having folks just walk-in without having to make appointments. It was one of our favorite pieces of being available to you, when you need us.  Times have changed, however. For purposes of public safety and in order to follow State guidelines, we cannot accommodate walk-ins for the foreseeable future. Please book an appointment online, or give us a call to do so, before heading over to MAS clinics.

Here are the latest clinic schedules (starting July 6th, 2020):

july 6 2020

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We are a founding member of the People's Organization of Community Acupuncture (POCA), a multi-stakeholder cooperative of community acupuncture clinics across North America.

Beyond our Community Acupuncture clinics here in Manchester & Nashua, a rapidly-growing number of similarly structured clinics have launched across the US and abroad through the efforts of The People's Organization of Community Acupuncture (POCA) - a multi-stakeholder cooperative of which MAS, our employees and dozens of our patients are members.

POCA was formed in the spring of 2011 as a multi-stakeholder cooperative. POCA's mission is to make acupuncture available and accessible to as many people as possible and to support those providing acupuncture in order to create stable, sustainable businesses and jobs.

While keeping this goal in mind, POCA knows that acu-punks and patients are mutually dependent on one another, and that the health of the relationship between the two is entirely connected. It's to honor these connections within our clinics by making practical use of strong social relationships that POCA will continue to be a locomotive for more Community Acupuncture clinics to open and thrive.  If affordable community acupuncture is to be made available for thousands of more communities across this country and beyond, the resources and skills of acupuncturists, patients and others are going to be needed to do so. The POCA co-op creates the structure to make this happen.

If you are looking for affordable, accessible community acupuncture clinics in different areas of the US and beyond, please visit POCA's Locate-a-Clinic page.

To join POCA and receive several terrific benefits for membership (that more than pay for membership itself), jump over here.

If you've read this far along, we're going to highly recommend taking in the following 35-minute documentary made by award-winning Portland, OR filmmaker Brian Lindstrom (Kicking, Finding Normal, Alien Boy) that'll make clear why we love our patients, our jobs, acupuncture and cooperation.  

Community Acupuncture: The Calmest Revolution Ever Staged


POCA Tech is a technical school – a 501c3 educational non-profit - whose goal is to provide an affordable education and practical training for aspiring community acupuncturists.  We think of it as the educational arm of POCA.

The POCA cooperative urgently needs qualified licensed acupuncturists both to work in existing community acupuncture clinics and to open new clinics in areas without affordable acupuncture.

POCA Tech will provide a genuinely affordable acupuncture training program for students of ordinary incomes while providing employable graduates who are fully prepared to work in a community acupuncture environment for existing POCA clinics.


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Patient Resources

Who we are

Manchester Acupuncture Studio is a community acupuncture clinic, and 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  Community acupuncture is a social-business model that aims to increase patient access to acupuncture by offering treatments in a comfortable group setting and fees on an affordable sliding-scale, without income verification.  By doing so, more people have the chance to get treated as often as they need in order to find out how useful acupuncture can be, we are able to create sustainable jobs for acupuncturists and work-fellows, all while engendering a warm community atmosphere between clinic-goers and staff. 

It’s a winning endeavor for both patients and the clinic.

We provide affordable acupuncture and still make a living.  We are a sustainable business model that offers a service that people need and can afford. As long as we serve enough patients paying along the sliding-scale, we stay in business.

Are you wanting to find clinics like MAS for your loved ones outside of Manchester & Nashua?
Head over here to find community acupuncture clinics across N. America and beyond.  

What to expect during your first visit

During your first visit, we'll sit and share information together. The goal here is to figure out a plan to start moving things forward for you. Once we establish a treatment plan, we'll move into the treatment room where you take a seat in a recliner of your choice, take off your shoes and roll up your sleeves and pant legs. From here on out, your job is to kick back and enjoy a good rest. Your job is to be warm and comfortable.  A typical treatment will last from 30 minutes to 90 minutes, depending mostly on how long you'd like to stay.

Find many more frequently asked questions and answers here.

Download The MAS Registration Form

Book Your First Appointment

How To Find Us

Find maps and automated directions at the bottom of the home page.

MAS – Manchester
895 Hanover Street
Manchester, NH 03104

This address is inside of the East Side Plaza, an good-sized older plaza about 1/2 mile from exit 6 on I-93.
When driving into the plaza, we're on the left, next door to Aloha Restaurant.
The East Side Plaza is also easily accessible from downtown via Hanover Street (naturally!), Mammoth Rd. and/or Valley Streets.
A metric ton of free parking is available here!

MAS – Nashua
4 Bud Way #9
Nashua, NH 03063

4 Bud Way is the last building on the left on Bud Way. Look for the menu board with our sign included which sits just to the right of the building itself.
Find lots of parking in the lot directly in front of 4 Bud Way. In addition, free parking is available along the left & right sides of the building.  You'll find the entrance to the clinic at the front of the building, on the right-hand side.

Our Schedules

When are we open? As often as possible! In order to be here when you need us, we prefer to offer as many poking hours as we can muster. We are always working to create more hours to offer acupuncture for you.


Manchester Hours

Sunday: 9am – 1pm
Monday: 3pm – 7pm
Tuesday: 9am – 1pm
Wednesday: 3pm – 7pm
Thursday: 3pm – 7pm
Friday: 9am – 1pm
Saturday: 9am – 1pm
Nashua Hours

Sunday: closed
Monday: 3pm – 7pm
Tuesday: 9am – 1pm
Wednesday: closed
Thursday: 3pm – 7pm 
Friday9am – 1pm
Saturday: 9am – 1pm


The current Clinic Schedule, beginning Monday, July 6th:

july 6 2020




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What is Acupuncture?



Acupuncture is one of the oldest, most common and dependable medical therapies used in the world.  It is by nature simple, safe and effective health care.

Acupuncturists use thin, sterile, one-time-use disposable needles inserted superficially into specific areas of the body in order to help the body's ability to heal itself.

Over the three decades or so in which acupuncture has developed in the U.S., it has been proven to be not only exceptionally safe when performed by licensed acupuncturists, but statistically effective in an increasing body of scientific studies

Our experience tells us acupuncture can reliably and safely decrease pain and inflammation, quiet spasms, boost immunity, dispel migraines, shrink swelling, relieve pain in almost any location, regulate hormones, cut recovery time from surgery almost in half, calm anxiety, lift depression, restore mobility, improve digestion, and create a deep feeling of rest. Acupuncture is particularly helpful for people with chronic diseases, meaning conditions that can be managed but not cured. Because these folks often need to take many medications with multiple side effects, acupuncture can greatly improve their quality of life by helping with mood, energy and sleep – without creating any more side effects.

Acupuncture will normally cause people to feel sleepy during the time of treatment. In our treatment spaces you'll find family, friends, and neighbors literally napping together as they work towards common goals of better health, less pain, and relief from stress.

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